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Is a black person (african american) who embraces the darker side of life. No they aren't a devil worshipper or satanist they just know that there can not be light without dark. Because you have to have darkness to first of all have a place where light can be. There isn't that many out there but are a real rarity if you see them. Most are understanding people, not all are suicidal, or cutters, or depressed but just (aware). Yes, they tend to where black or more natural earth colors, yes they listen to rock/punk/goth music. And most (F**k that) all gothic people will tell you that just because a person wears black DOES NOT MEAN THAT THEY ARE GOTHIC. OR JUST BECAUSE "YOU" WEAR ALL BLACK DOES NOT MAKE YOU GOTHIC. It's more to it than that. Black goths tend to always be by themselves because they don't have many friends, and really don't go out looking for them.Black goths listen to the same music as your more traditional goths do. They really don't need friends bacause they know that most bonds in life will be broken sooner or later. So they'd rather not get involved right from the get go. WHen you go to a (goth show) or a something of that nature, and you see that one or maybe a coulpe of black dudes that don't look out of place they just kind of stand out a little more... (there you have it) they are black gothic. They're not afraid to be themselves and they know who they are inside and out. They are individuals and are comfortable with it. But a black person that is gothic isn't trying to be gothic but thats what they are labeled just like a white person is. No, they are not trying to fit in, no.. they are not posuers. Don't get me wrong there are posuers in every culture, genre, and way of life. But it just so happens that the group that they identify with the most just so happens to be a mostly white crowd. Just like (white) goth people can be some of the most, intellegent, artistic, opinionated, kind and all around cool people. So can black goth people. Thats like when you see a white kid with his hat to the back and baggy jeans and air force ones or timberland boots and talk with a certain slang. No, they are not posuers of the hip hop culture, no.. they do not want to be black.. no, they do not want to be a rapper. It's just that that's the culture or group that they identify with the most. When you bring up great rappers.... of course you will hear names like Tupac, Biggie, Big L, Big Pun, 50 Cent, Jay-Z, and eventually maybe sooner maybe later you WILL hear Eminem's name. He is not trying to be black is just that he is good, "DAMN" good at what he does and just so happens it's a thing where theres more black people in than white. So if you see a black goth just know that times are changing, and things are getting more diverse... that's a good thing. On this note if don't matter if you black, white, yellow, red, blue or from the moon. If you're gothic you're gothic but be who YOU ARE. And if that's who you are then it really dosen't matter who thinks what about who.... right..? All goths need to come together and show people that this gothic thing is not a trend its not going anywhere.
Person 1: Eh.. look... look... over there, that black dude looks like us. Just like us... that kicks ass. He could almost pass for being gothic.

Person 2: Whoa...!! he could..couldn't he.? Wait a mintue,...could that even be such a thing. A black gothic person.?

Person 1: I guess so.. where looking at him right now.

Person 2: Hell yeah... let's go over and introduce ourselves. He seems to be a cool person..
by Urban Darkness May 10, 2006
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Does not exist.

Automatically does not meet the criteria for being a goth, as goths have had no real problems. Gothics must be rich and white. And have no friends outside their group. Goth basics.
A:I think I saw a black gothic the other day.
B:No, you didn't.
A:Oh, okay.
by jazzymac January 03, 2007
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