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It's a newly discovered particle, already existing for as long as humans on earth (or since humans started to speak and communicate). It is generated as soon as humans open their mouths to say something. It usually originates from blatant silly speech, incoherent thinking, self-aggrandisement, gossip and even in some cases, just a silly-looking face. Massive amounts (almost radioactive dosages) are found at cocktail parties, small talks, kitty parties and scientific conferences and workshops. At scientific conferences, the amounts are so large that they condense following Bose-Einstein statistics and start radiating coherently, in phase; which has been aptly called as the blaser. More research is being conducted currently.

Symptoms of exposure to blablaritons: you start feeling pukish and feel like hitting whoever is around you, after some conversation or after listening to talks at conferences.
by zeolite03 February 21, 2011
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