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a mistake in any way, shape, or form; a bad occurrence; the opposite of bladow (also spelled BLA-DOWW!!); aside from the standard bla-doom, there are minor bla-dooms, such as spilling a drink; major bla-dooms, such as burning dinner; and crying bla-dooms, where the person cries while saying the word, such as accidentally burning the house down
Jan: "Oh no, BLA-DOOM!! We're out of beer!"

Tyrone: "No worries, Jan. I got a stash in the closet. *sets 2 cases of beer AND a bottle of Jack on kitchen counter* BLA-DOWW!!"


Latrell: "Damn son, I don't have any cash on me. All I got is plastic."

Smitty: "You fuckin' up. How you gonna get in? I can't help you with that, homie."

Latrell: "It's a minor bla-doom. Rusty's workin' the door, so I'm good."
by Da-Real January 18, 2013
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