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A twitch streamer and speedrunner, and one of the best Kingdom Hearts players in the world. In the past, he has gained notoriety for "hating" on some of the more recent Kingdom Hearts games such as BBS, but this is often the result of ignorant plebs who come to false conclusions based off of out of context clips. For the most part, he is very calm and rational about his somewhat controversial opinions, and also accepting of other's opinions who differ from his.

He has performed at RPGLimitBreak as well as AGDQ and SGDQ, blowing everyone's minds with both his knowledge and skill at their favorite childhood game.
Did you see Bl00dybizkitz beat the entire Kingdom Hearts franchise in 3 minutes? That was insane!

I had no idea Kingdom Hearts 2's combat was so complex and nuanced until I watched Bl00dybizkitz play the game.
by Magicalflyingboberfish July 24, 2018
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