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biting the saddle takes style-cramping to an entirely new level.

to bite the saddle is to emulate your friend's taste in everything: clothes, music, members of the opposite sex,leisure activities,general philosophy of life, accessories, even going so far as to adopt their friend's terminology and inside jokes with others and regurgitate them as their own.

Saddle biters become so engaged in making themselves in their friend's image they do not realize what they are doing, all the while insisting that's what they are into and it's a completely original product of their own creativity.

Innocent bystanders may be deceived by the saddle biter and assume that this person does in fact have a personality, based on the outward appearance of the individual biting the saddle, and the cultural references and name dropping that he/she engages in to gain access to a social group. However if the saddle biter was ever pressed it would become abundantly clear that he/she has only superficial knowledge of anything cool which has been gleaned from the originator of the style.
"Oh my god! I can't believe you like {insert obscure band name here} and {insert obscure movie title here} and going {insert random activity here} TOO! we are so alike! you are the coolest person ever"
"I KNOW. i love all those things more than anything."
"so like whats your favorite song by {obscure band}?
"ummm uhhh my friend ummm is like more into them than me"
"oh so its your friend who has the good taste"
"yea well we both do"
"and you are just a human wasteland"
"pretty much"
"stop biting the saddle"
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