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A growing euphemism for when a guy is bad at performing oral sex on a woman. Particularly, it refers to when a guy, in a desperate attempt to stimulate the clitoris of his female partner, tries to extend his mouth as far as possible towards the clitoris and then proceeds to perform ultimately unsatisfying or poorly-formed cunnilingus. The definition comes from the scene in SpongeBob Squarepants, where Squidward is trying a crabby patty for the first time. He extends his neck, shaking in fear, extends his jaw, and then takes one, quivering *bite* of the crabby patty.
Female A: How was your night with Ricky last night?
Female B: Eh, it was alright. The sex was normal, but he went down on me and it was really weird.
Female A: Oh, did he end up biting the crabby patty?
Female B: Yep, totally bit the crabby patty.
by PapaMoose January 23, 2012
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