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1. A filthy, abhorrent individual who engages in despicable behavior. Often, this person is so misguided that they hold themselves in high regard, unaware of their disgusting, repulsive tendencies. Their appearance varies and therefore are not immediately identifiable. They can also be found in all walks of life, blending seamlessly into the populace. However, once they open their mouths, a spotlight shines upon their putrid ways. Synonymous with the term "douchebag." Avoid at all costs.
2. A really nasty muffin.
1. "Hey Rob, can you stop being such a bitchtwat? God, I can smell you from across the room. Take your crap elsewhere or I'll beat you into next week."
2. "Hey Rob, I appreciate the muffins you baked me, but I think something might be wrong with the recipe. This is one rank batch of bitchtwats."
by The REAL Megatron January 19, 2014
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