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When a seemingly relaxed, content woman or man suddenly goes on a bitchy rant out of nowhere. (minimum 1-minute)

They "get on the bitch podium" or "step up to the bitch podium"
Illana: "Oscar, you never agree with me! Name one time when you fully agreed with me! Just one! Just now for example, when we were eating at Hibachi's..."
Oscar: (There is nothing I can do to stop this)
Bud 1: (Oscar deserves it)
Illana: "I try so hard to see your point of view! ... blah blah ... It's just ridiculous!


Oscar: "I hate it when Illana gets up on her bitch podium and yells at me"
Bud 1: "I don't know man, you think it lasted for a minute?
by Wise_observer September 23, 2009
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