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The bitch brigade is a group, that consists of 5 'women'-i use that term loosely!

These 'women' are the ODDEST freaks you will ever meet! One of them are also known as a Poison Dwarf, the others are: a pillow fucker, a fat greasy haired vendictive bitch who smells of fish, a bleach blonde cow called cruella, and the other-also bleach blonde-who pisses herself and hides it with the smell of cheap perfume!

This group are dangerous, so approach them with caution, as one wrong move and you could lose your job, but if you're not lucky enough to lose your job, you might suffer years of bullying to the point of a nervous breakdown!!

The only consolation to this is the fact that, although theyre so vicious, they are really quite stupid because they won't know whats hit them til it slaps them right in their ODD faces!!
What do you call the most hated bitches at PV??....yes that's right- the bitch brigade !

what's that all over the news?......OMG the bitch brigade have been sacked!

who is the co-founders of the ODD SHAPED FANCLUB? yes...the bitch brigade
by MrsWalrus! September 06, 2009
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