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To dominate something completely. It can be a person or a thing or object.
"I totally made that exam my bitch lover"

or like in the movie Wedding Crashers"
Tom: "Death is my bitch lover!"
by lovesit0990 May 04, 2010
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This is a word use to describe the "bitch",usually a small white male, in a prison relationship. usually start by the "bitch" dropping a bar a soap. This man is quickly raped and torn a new hole call a buttgina. The "Man" of this relationship use usually 6'5" and has a penis about the size of a baseball bat and his name is always Bubba and his black.
bitch lover my be reverse role depending on the way it is used.
Prisoner #1"shit shower time"
Prisoner #2"Soap on'a rope"
Bubba "hey there pretty boy"
prisoner #2" your fucked honkey"
Prisoner #1 " I'm no ones bitch!!!"
MID-SHOWER Prisoner #1 Drops the soap
prisoner #1 " I'm done"
Bubba "no your not"
prisoner #1 "yeah i am"
bubba "i didnt see you wash behind your ear or noth'n and you an't gonna waste no fuck'n soap on my watch!"
prisoner #1 "I'm..."
Bubba "going to pick up that damn soap"
prisoner #1 turn around slowly
Bubba "yeaaah that what i like...."
prisoner #2 " BOW CHICA WOW WOAN"
prisoner #3 " hes such a fucking bitch lover"
by Robert Field October 31, 2007
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