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When someone's asshole/bitch moves precipitate problems onto everyone else, thus causing a chain reaction of poor decision making in order to adapt. Basically, it's the asshole version of " pay it forward ".
Example 1:

Unsuspecting Recipient-"Hey, their boss is acting like an asshole, now the whole office is pissed off and testy towards everyone else."
Smart Guy-"............Yeah, he bitched it forward".

Example 2:

Lazy assholes can't return the shopping cart to the return ally. Next thing you know, there are four different carts on each corner of your bumper, so you push them off to the next spot. "Thanks for bitching it forward assholes".

Example 3:

No one in the audience was standing and everyone could see just fine. Suddenly, one person stands, causing other people to stand. That forces you to stand just so you can see, but that screws everyone sitting in back of you. You just bitched it forward!

Example 4:

Someone parks like a douche bag, causing you to park the same way next to them. While you are inside, they leave and someone else pulls it their spot and has to park like an asshole to fit next to your shitty parking. Thus causing everyone to continuously bitch it forward.
by djbk1200 August 29, 2013
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