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A girl that dose not know how to keep her legs tight, and who smells like sex, and booze. Is every ones baby mama, and will keep any cigarettes that she finds (on the floor our in the back seat of her car) and would but them in her bra, which would be filled with her sorry excuse for crusty ass tittys, full of crabs and oily sweat. That if you were a man and you found them good to be in, then you would be bitten like a bitch and would be filled with thick, oily, green and white pus, that would make you which that you had holy water to get this sick stuff off of you. Also she would have tons of dirty ass dipers were ever she went and would take a shower only when the full moon was up, so that every one could see her ashy-ass body in the moon light, that would be full of hair in every place (and I mean every place), and would have saggy strech marks, that if you were to get the longest rope possible and make them strech, you would reach around the world three times over. Not only that, but she would mean and heartless to all people in the world.
Girl: ugh, see that.
Friend: what?
Girl: that girl, that smelled like a three way
Friend: OH, herrrrrrr!
Girl: yeah
Friend: she is a "bitch ass ghetto mama"
by see em August 03, 2011
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