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-verb phrase -- When a user of a personal activity monitor device, such as a FitBit® or ActiveLink® or Nike® Fuel Band®, does something unusual with the device or modifies the logged data afterward to enhance their recorded activity.
Ellen: "Whenever we went hiking, my FitBit showed less steps than Steve, even though we were hiking together! So now I just get Steve to wear both our FitBits when we go on a hike."
Paul: "Hey! Isn't that bit doping?"
Tara: "Hold on, Paul! I've seen you marking your ActiveLink activities as 'high activity' when your running was clearly 'low activity', so you've been bit doping as well."
Paul: "But... that is different! The more activity points I can get means more opportunity to work Pop Tarts® into my diet!"
Steve: "Go for the Pop Tarts, Paul!"
by Jog-A-Potamus October 13, 2013
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