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A person whose neck is crumbly, flaky, and could use a hefty helping of butter to fight the deterioration. The word is best used in a neutral tone while letting the alleged biscuitnecks decide for themselves how much it offends them.
Person 1: *insert attempt at a generic troll*
Person 2: "Wow, thanks for taking the time from treating your biscuitneck to be here today"
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by Shoe_Collector May 30, 2017
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Another word for an African American. Generally used when speaking about the skin flap on the back of one's neck, which resembles bread rising with a touch of yeast.
Guy 1: "Did you read the news? Another biscuit neck got shot by a cop."

Guy 2: "Oh dang. looks like he's toast now."

by Workplace Success March 01, 2016
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