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An urban area, or ghetto next to another urban area Balsall heath both sharing the B12 area code. an area near the city centre, mostly Black & afro caribean populated it was known to be a very violent and dangerous area during most of the 90s but the council has now tried to slowly fix the area and develop it a little. its slightly better place then it use to be, but still its an unknown area that the goverment hardly notices therfore leading to a lot of drug dealing and junkies who roam the streets. The place is pretty dirty and broken down with industrial factorys, council housing and flats mainly covering the area, and most of the time even a majority of streets lights dont work, and road signs are constantly graffited over.
birmingham, highgate

The small shopping area - gooch street will generally have a lot of drug addicts around.

gang members generally black populate most of the area, gangs in highgate also affiliated with Handsworth and Lozells gangs Burger Bar and johnsons.

A main feature is the Central mosque which is now over 20 years old, and the church of england church.
by Makavelio June 28, 2007
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