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After a night of drinking you pass out, when you wake up you have a condom filled with bean dip inside of your ass.
Brian - "What happened last night? I woke up and someone biolo'ed me good."
by Ryan Riolo August 14, 2014
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To receive a lifetime ban from a children’s petting zoo for committing unmentionable acts against farm animals. This also usually includes a lifetime of shame from ones family.
Rick - "Yo, you want to go to Schmitzkels for a beer"
Jerry - "No man, let's go somewhere else. I'm Biolo'ed from there for some reason"
by Erin Outtercooch August 15, 2014
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Actually shitting your pants in public. This is something beyond some sneaky shart, this is full blown, bean dip in your pants, massive shit.
"Dude, did you just fart?"
"No, worse, Biolo"
by Tad Shitswater August 27, 2014
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