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A series of codes starting with the Baconian Cipher. This code is written backwards into the Pigpen's Cipher, each section individually written backwards. For example, the tic-tac-toe portion starts with QR and ends with AB (written from left to right). The X portion starts with YZ and ends with ST (written clockwise). The code itself is not written backwards only the Pigpen Cipher.
Billy's Code
A=***** G=**BB* M=*BB** S=B**B* Y=BB***
B=****B H=**BBB N=*BB*B T=B**BB Z=BB**B
C=***B* I=*B*** O=*BBB* U=B*B**

D=***BB J=*B**B P=*BBBB V=B*B*B

E=**B** K=*B*B* Q=B**** W=B*BB*

F=**B*B L=*B*BB R=B***B X=B*BBB
by Xxxxb May 15, 2014
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