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One of the mot notorious parks in the State of Massachusetts. The most infamous gangster teens in the city of Boston post up here. These kids call themselves the billings crew. They are wicked tough and fight until they're knuckles bleed. They drink bud light until they pass out or the cops come and they try to run . Rumor has it a billings crew gang member hasn't lost a fight since 1994. John Harrington was the kids name, who at the time was only 14 and he fought a 19 year old and almost won. 3 years later John Harrington set Westie's new drinking record with 32 beers in two and a half hours. He is now worshipped all over West Roxbury. Stay away from Billings Field at all times. Especially in October unless u wanna get fucked by Macchi with eggs. Kid loves October.
John: Yo bro wanna go egg some 12 year olds down billings field
Macchi: Yea bro let me just grab my sprite
by Steve Coopman December 04, 2015
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