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Part of the outrageous radio show - The Chris Morris Radio Show on Radio 1 (UK) - where, in one show, satirist Chris Morris (see The Day Today, Brasseye, Blue Jam) persuades his radio sidekick to borrow (steal) a baby from London's Oxford Street and take it back to the studio. It is then tied to two large helium ballons and tea strainers placed over its eyes in an attempt to make it look like The Fly. A game then ensues where the, now floating, baby is batted over the mixing desk with large spoons. The game is known as Big Spoon Baby Balloon and is soon to be an Olympic event.
Dude: I'm bored babysitting...lets play a game!
Patrick Bateman: Ok. But what will we play? Mind if I stick on my Huey Lewis CD by the way?
Dude: Yeah..go for it. Gimmie those balloons over...lets make this wee fucker fly! I'll teach him to shit on my couch!
Patrick Bateman: Cool... Big spoon baby balloon!! 1 nil!
Dude: What's with the axe....?
by Digitalnonsense November 09, 2006
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