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The largest most athletic nig chop that you'll ever see. Their wanks droop down to their ankles so when they need to readjust they just act like they are tieing their shoes. Their lips can hold a whole African tribe and their corn rows could feed a full Kenyan village. They can run at a whopping 962.4 mph. At top speed they turn their nut sacks into parasails and swoop in to steal yo girl. Living with a Big Rig Nig can be a struggle. All of your stuff can get stolen at any moment. You have to be sitting at all times or stick plywood to your ass cheeks just so you won't lose your ass hole. Their wanks have minds of their own. Don't mess with a big rig
White guy- Dude, I was at the club and I met this fine ass bitch, but in a blink of an eye she was consumed in a sweaty nutsack and was taken.

Black guy- it must of been my Big Rig Nig of a step brother. Sorry nigga.
by rasukee_tut February 22, 2014
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