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A person who is a self proclaimed "big daddy" who always thinks he is all that and claims to have a penis ring. Always saying he wants a girlfriend, he always manages to meet girls and just wants hoes which is contradiction in itself. He spends his life working two jobs and on his off time screaming out random things like "SHARD", "BIG DADDY SHARD", and variations of "YEA GIRL, YEA", "CAN I TAP", "Yeah, yeah." "Big Daddy...Shard." "Ell no, what the fuck?" and "SOMETHING WRONG WITCHU". Shard is what you classify as a "Pretty Boy Box". See pretty boy box for definition.
1: There goes big daddy shard talking to those hoes again.
2: Big Daddy Shard left his activator cream on the bathroom counter again.
3: The sink is full of dishes. That damn shard!
4: Me:"Hey, how was work today?"
Shard:"Ell no, ell no.
Shard:"what the fuck?"
Me:"ok........ I don't understand you."
Shard:"Something wrong witchu."
by Cloud01 August 09, 2007
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