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1. a resident of the Sample Pride Community originating on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia.
2. largely retarded in both a mental and physical state.
3. To pull a 'big bad brucie'. - Not being able to maintain an erection/do something unbelievably stupid in an attempt to gain respect of peers and or women.
4. A person who is unable to hold their liquor.

5. often see consorting with a known homosexual man known to be of mexican descent in the manly area. their relationship status is unknown.

see also bruce the viking.
Bradley is a big bad bruce, he lives in Curl Curl.

Bradley is up at Sunnyfield today because he's a big bad bruce.

Is that it? Sorry love, I'm pulling a big bad bruce.

Mate, why'd he jump out the window to impress those chicks? he's such a big bad bruce.

Bradley is off his head. he's such a big bad bruce.
by Craig Boylan September 07, 2009
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