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A big burly man who runs like a dinosaur with wide hips, thick ankles, and a low centre gravity. He loves to wear yoga pants to football games and always has 8 pounds of jell in his hair. He owns a humpy bike and Lynryd Skynyrd records, he likes to bake cakes instead of going camping. He prefers Strawberry Tackerys and Margeritas instead of a nice cold beer like real men. He likes to care for the environment in his little Nissan Leaf while other real men are driving trucks.
Oh my god look at Big Bad Bisexual Brad, he’s blocking !”
by Blockingbrad17 January 14, 2018
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His name is Brad he enjoys long walks on the beach with strawberry margaritas listening to his fave tune California girls by Katy perry he also enjoys making cakes and sweet treats with his easy bake oven, his eyebrows are probably higher than the Eiffel Tower and he’s also very eco friendly so instead of driving a big truck like real men he rides his pink old fashioned bike in which they used to call a banana bike he probably enjoys riding those I’d assume. He also runs like a dinasoar with his unhyper extended arms.
Hey look! It’s big bad bisexual Brad at the spa!! Getting manipeddis
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