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originally derived from the Greek bottomus numbius, a bible conference is a series of church meetings held every evening, with the entire conference typically lasting an entire week. technically, in order to be considered a true bible conference, the Greek word agape must be defined at least twice by every speaker in the conference. the only case in which this requirement is waived is if one of the speakers has cerebral palsy.

in the event that the speaker with cerebral palsy defines the word agape more than once in a sermon, that conference is then referred to as a Super Bible Conference, and revival is required to break out at that church for a period of no less than one business week, after which, church operations should continue as normal.
milo: dude, you wanna come to a bible conference?
teddy: probably not.
milo: David Ring is gonna be there...
teddy: oh why didn't you say so!
by Teddy Milo April 02, 2007
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