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a person who is only a bitch half the time.
usually this person is a girl, and seems nice at first, then drastically changes depending on who is in the room.
Person One: "Jessica is such a nice girl."
Person Two: "I'd watch out, she's a bi-bitch. She's only nice when you're around her."
by deaaana February 22, 2009
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Bisexual joke from the song Act up by City Girls

Original song: Real ass bitch give a fuck bout a nigga....
Bi version: Bi ass bitch give a fuck...
N/a nah I cant come up with chet right now...

Bi bitch: Imma a bi bitch fuck yo bitch
by Nanibitchass October 19, 2019
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A bi Lo bitch is a skanky ass women who blows dicks for a Low price, often found uptown hanging in grocery stores and delis.
I’m going to the boro to get me a bi Lo bitch tonight
by Cottageville cream cake October 9, 2018
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loving both genders.
basically a person who is only a bitch half the time.
by lesbianbitch92 June 27, 2022
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The bitch of bitches , no such thing as a bigger pussy , 2 phobia induced terror trauma , fueled from his #1 biggest fear -anthony lavacca and the lesser being his own shadow. the only thing that stops a fear induced choma is his biggest nightmare anthony lavacca actually haunting him in his nightmares during infinite sleep . People say things to him like" pelle you are a sissy nigga." Or "what a pathetic bitch"
Girl1- " so what happened with you and pelle las night "

Girl2- " I was drunk naked in his bed rubbing my pussy and he wouldn't even take his eyes off some stupid slot game on his phone"
Girl1- "wow you chill with some bi-phobic bitch ass pussy niggas , you needa get you a lavacca"

Sentence 2/next day

Pelle- "Ahshjhhaha (puke) (shits) zzzzz (faints)"
Lavacca-(to girl 2) -"weird no answer "
Girl 2-(stops suckin his dick) "he's a bi-phobic bitch ass pussy nigga your his worse nightmare "
by Lanadel gay June 4, 2021
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