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A reliable person who will be there for you 24*7

He is fond of traveling and is a true wanderlust. Believes in enjoying life and doesn't care about your political opinions. Will cook you steak if you're a conservative, and vegan cheese samosa if you're a liberal.

A strong believer of keeping friends forever happy and maintains a good relationship with his Professors.

Women want to be with Bhumin but Bhumin is too busy for love, he is enjoying life right now as you're reading this, with scotch in one hand and hard boiled eggs in the other, like a true suburban gentleman.
Guy 1: "Did you hear about that classy guy at College who got laid with that hot blonde Prof. McKenzie?"
Guy 2: "yeah dude! Heard she got Bhumined by his killer looks the moment he entered her office"
by GhostFarts2 June 29, 2018
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