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*Best Friend Forever Who You Thought Would Be With You Forever But Sadly Left You* This is someone who is usually apart of a group with you. One day you two besties get in a fight and she\he takes people out of the group and you do the same. You both get sides and the group splits apart. This person says that your new bestie is the worst. You two become enimies forever. Many believe you two will go back together but you and her know that won't happen. This person is usually known as a b**** who tells you how much of a terrible person you are. If your friends with someone you fight with a lot, this is possible you future. Fix it now so your best friend do sent become your bffwytwbwyfbsly.
Guys, she's my bffwytwbwyfbsly.
by |RandomPerson| December 28, 2017
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