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1. An acronyn, derived and revised from "bff", used by a gross girl with acne who can't dance with dull frizzy gross black hair from Mount Sinai and some other girl shes friends with, who is also gross.
2. an undefined acronym that confuses the hell out of everyone whenever they see it.
3. A really stupid and pointless Myspace display name.
4. An acronym used for ugly people.
I went to Heather's myspace today, and her display name was "bffwasi." Dude, what the fuck does that mean?

Who's "bffwasi?" Oh, just this ugly girl who goes to Mount Sinai.

Whoa, look at that ugly girl, must be another "bffwasi."

Look at that roadkill! Oh my gosh, it looks JUST like "bffwasi!"
by Jack Marie Sparrow September 15, 2007
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