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The term "Beut the Deuce" is often said when two people have nothing else to say. People start saying it due to prolonged exposure to the Cisco networking class offered online that uses the word "boot" often in its early chapters. The phrase "beut the deuce" is usually repeated more than 5 times in 10 seconds. When two people are having a conversation, and one person does not know what to say in response to another, they often say "Beut the deuce", or some form of it.

Note: Sometimes the word "deuce" is replaced with "deut", to rhyme with "beut".
Person 1: "Wow, that math test was so easy"
Person 2: "Ya, well, you gotta beut the deuce"

Person 1: "I'm tired..."
Person 2: "You just gotta beut that buet that beut that deuce!"

Person 1: "Where do we go now?"
Person 2: "Let's beut our way to the expo!"
by Marben April 18, 2008
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