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Noun: One who is unable to interact as a functioning member of society due to their constant complaining, lack of social skills, and all around faggery. These people are sometimes also referred to as "dick fucks" and "ass hats"
Person 1: Dude, Lexie is such a betafag.

Person 2: OH MY GOD, I know, such an asshat
by Smurfedurmom December 17, 2013
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non-social, egotistical creatures that are found roaming the likes of reddit and school hallways, they seem to have a know it all personality and use "big words" which is used to hide their sheer stupidity, they use old overused memes and seem to have an odd sickness towards 4chan calling it a "waste land" or "a horrid place", keep in mind betas can often be confused with "normies"
person 1:man that "betafag" uses so many overused memes.

person 2:don't you mean "normie" ?
by September 05, 2016
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