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The single worst smelling trainstation in England, probably the world. Found on the south west train line between New Malden and Surbiton, Berrylands is a sewage hotspot and often stinks out any trains that should be unfortunate to pass through. Anyone who lives in berrylands is said to be either extremely unlucky, or an unpopular loser, depending on who it is.

Berrylands smells at its worst during the summer months when heat an dhumidity are high, providing excellent conditions for the awful stench to spread.

Berrylands is a popular source of amusement for students who take this train daily, and it is considered one of the most severe types of bullying if one is pushed out of the train at berrylands.
John: Hey guys, doesn't this guy go through berrylands?
All: Fuck, lets walk it. That place smells like shit this time of the year. (more than any other)
by Scottos10 November 30, 2005
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