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Bergenfield High School- where the marching band goes to MetLife before the football players, oops wait, they'll never make it there. Where people have sex in the stairways and the teacher's lounges. People basically fuck in the middle of the hallway. The girls are sluttier than prostitutes on the highway. Standards are lower than the grades. Where girls where club outfits for a normal day at school. Bergenfield AKA Asianfield.
Ex. 1
Person 1: Have you been to Asia?

Person 2: No, I've been to Bergenfield high school.

Ex. 2
Person 1: Have you ever fucked a prostitute?
Person 2: I fucked a girl from Bergenfield high, it's basically the same thing..
by SmackTownJerd November 22, 2013
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