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A ferocious beast that emerges during parties, and is occasionally found passed out in hallways. The Benji Raptor feeds on whiskey, beer, and whole milk. It's natural predators are peer pressure and frat guys. When the Benji Raptor tunrs belligerent and starts yelling, do not provoke it or it will let out its bloodcurdling scream that is known for sounding like a combination of nails on a chalk board and the sound a little girl makes when she can't find her dolly. Also beware the Benji Raptor's scream will attract GAs and turn girls off. If you spot the Benji Raptor challenge it to a drinking contest, it will pass out after smelling the alcohol.
Dude, shut the fuck up. You sound like a freakin Benji Raptor, did you take estrogen pills today?
by Benji Reiss, DR Colkitt March 01, 2005
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