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A cute coupling in Fox's summer hit so you think you can dance. It's the fan-jumbled name of Benji Schwimmer, the prince of swing, and Donyelle Jones, a fiesty hiphop/jazz girl. They're opposites, and Fox probably put them together for some tv drama, but it was the complete opposite. They totally clicked. When they dance together, its just amazing. None of them carries the other, and they've never really had a bad peformance yet. America loves them. And they're entertaining to watch. Benji's a goofy and geeky mormon kid, and Donyelle is captivating, and sexy (and a little goofy sometimes, especially when shes with Benji). Benji is more of a pda man, while Donyelle is more reserved.. but throughout the show, Benji seems more manly, and Donyelle's more outgoing and stuff. Maybe they helped one another? And I'm not sure entirely why, but they just go so well together! and they're completely comfortable with one another, because they're like always touching each other. (like with hugs, hands, lots of kisses on the cheek, etc.) Some shippers believe that they're in love, and should date, and I believe that, but I wouldn't mind either if they stayed good friends. It looks pretty obvious that Benji has a crush on her though... vice versa with Donyelle, although it took time for us to actually see it for Donny. A match like those two doesnt happen often.. its special. Unfortunately, the producers of the show split them up, and the other couples on the show, and they'll be dancing w/ different partners every week. So far, the Benjelle have danced again in one episode (Top 6) but will dance again in the Top 4.

They are the most fantabulous dancers, and performers on the entire show remaining! So remember to vote for them, vote for them often, vote Benjelle. (btw, they have seperate numbers now.) The dance performances air Wednesdays at 9:00pm EST (sometimes an hour earlier), and the results show airs on Thursday at 9:00pm EST, too. Remember, its on Fox, which is channel 5. You better watch it, and you better voteee! :
Benjellers crazy dreams:

Benji: donny, I love you.. will you marry me?
Donyelle: of course benji, I love you.
& they lived happily ever after and had lots of beautiful, dancing children.
by Erica the Benjeller August 06, 2006
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