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Benjamin Darling was a black man from Malaga Island off the coast of Maine in the middle to late 1700's. Malaga Island was home to decendants, also known was the 'maroon society' due to their black skin. In 1912, rich mainland-ers in the dead of night went to the island and took families from their home, killing most of them, while the survivers went back to the mainland as slaves. Between 1773 and 1774, Benjamin Darling, slave on a ship under comand of Captian Darling (no known relation, alothough it is speculated that Benjaming was his son from a slave he had an affair with in previous years), the ship got caught in bad seas and Benjamin saved the captians life pulling him a shore. The captian then gave Benjamin his freedom and some money to buy himself a home.
The Story of Benjamin Darling; Part One by State Radio
by elizabethap April 01, 2008
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