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Ok… well you know when boys and girls get together… there are some bodily functions that occur… one is called Ejaculation… but see you don’t want to do this inside the girl or this could cause un wanted side effects… So at the most opportune moment you with draw. The first two shots are all ways accounted for… belly belly (of the female directly in front of the male) the third shot always goes astray...
Arron felt himself close to climax and pulled out of Leanne. Two of the threee quick bursts hit her on the belly, but the third went flying and hit Julio's girlfriend in the face. Juli then proceeded to lick it off.
by OfficeStuff April 18, 2005
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When in the process of love-making a male will often be coaxed to ejaculation by his (hopefully) female partner. There are of course possible side effects to letting this happen while still inside your female partner, so just as the male begins to climax he will pull out of the female.

It's a scientific fact that most men ejaculate in three bursts; however the aiming of these shots is usually less than perfect. The first two shots will almost always hit the belly of the girl below the male, but the third shot will often be attracted to nearby people or objects.

Should another female be standing around, the third shot will inevitably be attracted to her, (much like Julio to men) usually splashing her in the face. This female commonly has a perusian boyfriend with shrunken male 'equipment', and will be glad of the chance to partake in a real sexual experience, even one as minor as a 'belly belly your girlfriend'.
As he pumped away in to the woman below him, Arron felt a pleasant tingling sensation stir around his small, but hairy testicles.

"I think... I'm going to cum..." He moaned in to Leanne's ear.

Blinking, the eyes of the petite Asian woman lit up, "Oh my god, that's like... so gross." She gasped, "Get it out of me you moron!" She moved her hand towards an always close stabbing utensil.

Noticing the utensil, Arron let out a loud scream as pulled out and climaxed. "NO stabby stabby for me... NO STABBY STABBY!"

Unfortunatly, Arron was a chubby man and was not able to control himself. Two times his white juice hit Leanne's belly, however the third shot went astray, landing on the face of a nearby woman.

Julio, who had been watching the nearby action while fantasizing about Arron blinked as a pure white shot of liquid flew past him, splashing in to his girlfriend's face. He paused for a moment before realizing that substance had come from his beloved Arron. A large smile spread over his chubby face as he turned to his girlfriend.

"That's... that's..." He whispered, before raising his voice to a loud screen, "THAT'S MY NECTAR OF GODS! I MUST HAVE IT!"

With that, Julio bore his girlfriend to the ground, and attempted to lick every last drop of the sticky substance from her face.

Back in the corner of the room, Arron looked on as Julio frantically licked every part of the woman's face. Grinning, he exclaimed, "Dude! I totally just belly belly'd your girlfriend!" These were his last words however, as Leanne then proceeded to stab him with long sharp pointy things.
by OfficeStuff April 19, 2005
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