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"Bellokahn" is a word that can be used as a noun or an adjective.

In its noun form, it is used to describe a 15 year old boy who expresses himself through writing and wants to break the mold of the typical male stereotype. He just sees the world differently than most boys his age, and is usually shunned for it. Bellokahn is a big coon who thinks he is a bear due to a constantly high temperature, his deep voice that sounds like a 30 year old chainsmoker's, and his excess of body hair. Bello is equipped with an afro, which is a glorious display of anti-gravity and several idiotic catchphrases that make him almost as snazzy as that Gary Coleman fellow. He is known for being "bellodramatic" and he may be the cause for World War II. Sometimes, he feels as if the whole world is coming towards him with bombs and nukes, and he is only armed with a spoon. A wooden spoon. Bellokahn also likes to believe that he looks like T-Pain.

In its adjective form, "bellokahn" can describe anything or anyone that is melodramatic or constantly sad.
"Have you talked to Bellokahn today?"

"No, why?"
"Oh, nothing much. He's just being excessively bellodramatic."
"What's Bellocoon saying today?"
"Thinks he's the cause for World War II again. He went onto his freewebs account to pen a poem about it..."

"Pete is feeling particularly bellokahn today. He's slit his wrists and is currently dying in the bathroom stall. Seems like his Tivo didn't record T-Pain's performance on MTV last night. And I thought Hitler was bellodramatic."
by urban knight July 21, 2009
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