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1. An insult to anyone not of belgian nationality. In one sense, it can be meant as a contradiction in terms if not speaking about a belgian.

2. Refers to a belgian's lack of motivation and ingenuity. (see belgian) Rather than coming up with a response in defense of belgian character, the belgians just click dislike.
In rare cases, a belgian will proceed to do urban dictionary ad hominem, thus displaying the extent of belgian spirit. Sources speculate that Belgium was made head of the EU for the sole purpose of giving belgians some motivation to try to correct ths issue... however, it did not. Europe continues to pity its beer, waffle, and chocolate addicted, cynical second cousin.
1. Jean: "Tom just insulted my mom on facebook. I would reply, but I really don't feel like putting in the effort to type something back or to to come up something nonetheless."
Paul: "Damn Jean, since when did you get a belgian spirit?"
Paul: Now, that's belgian spirit!

2. belgian: "Damn there are only insults under the term belgian on UD."

Nederlander: "Hey, maybe you should type up something in defense of the term belgian."

belgian: "Naw, that would take too much time I'll just click dislike."
Nederlander: "you're not going to do anything more than that?"

belgian: "You're right I should go and dislike all the author's definitions."

Nederlander: "You're seriously not going to write a response?"
belgian: "I already said no. Get off my back its been like twenty minutes since I've had waffles, chocolate or beer."

Nederlander: "Is that all you consume?"
belgian: "Yeah, my girlfriend likes it when I give her belgian showers.
Nederlander: "Sick fucking belgian!"
belgian: (sleeping)
Nederlander: Now that's belgian spirit!
by dah Bodawg January 21, 2011
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