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You have her on her knees, and torso leaning backwards. You stand above her from behind, and perform a Reverse Bat Wing over her face, effectively covering her nose and mouth, creating an airtight seal as you fart, yelling "Gas, Gas, Gas". Maintaining the seal, as you are about to cum, you yell, "Gas Clear", then remove the seal. While still straddling her head, slide back heavily with your anus, leaving the ultimate Shit Hawk on her forehead while simultaneously cumming on her chin/breasts/knees.

For extra points, best performed after a large burrito dinner.
"Sweetie, I'll admit it, I got drunk in Vegas, and I tried to drop a Belgian Gas Mask, which turned into a Spinal Tap, but which actually brings me to the fact that i have a Steam Cleaner receipt on my Visa.
by nsla November 19, 2010
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