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This is the act of licking two blunt wraps together at the ends so that they stick together and then you can roll the blunt together so that it is twice as long and that allows the blunt to really resonate and it will begin to burn slow. It might become harsh towards the end, but it will completely get a group of four or five people pretty lit. Although true g's have been known to take them to the face.
Man I feel like shit, I'm gonna go home and roll a belagitter to the face, prob about 2 grams of the stickiest ganga northern cal has to offer.

T Loc: Hey man you want to match a blunt, I just copped a tenner from Geezy.
Deets: Sure bro, actually, lets just make it a belagitter so that we can mix our buds, cuz I got some Super Jack from Green Cross.

T Loc: Nice, do they still give free granola bars.

Deets: Yea and free edibles if you purchase before five.
by ceejmhs February 20, 2010
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