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After prom night there were so many beetleskins littered throughout the room, it took them an hour to pick them all up
by Jargel April 14, 2003
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A term used to describe a condom in one of the northern states, more specifically New Hampshire and perhaps a few surrounding states.
"I hate using gas station bathrooms"


"Because I always have to stare at the huge selection of Beetle skins on the wall on top of the urinal"

"I always get the one that glows!"

"You're gross"

by Marktim sibmaker October 16, 2007
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What they call condoms in Maryland and some states around it.

Usually said for a used one, but sometimes for unused.
"Dude! I found a Beelteskin in Jerry's dresser!" or "EW! I found a Beetleskin full of Beetlejuice!"
by Fantastic Dan August 12, 2005
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