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A term used to define the act of both consuming a pint of larger and smoking a cigarette at the same time while 'chilling' in a bar or pub.

this term is mainly used by people in the north of England who do not understand how to construct sentences using the English language, instead choosing to chant 'beers and retts' to indicate to their friends that it is time to have a pint and smoke a cigarette.

unfortunately, the use of 'beers and retts' has declined somewhat since the smoking ban as it is too cold in the north east to stand outside and smoke while also holding a cold beverage.
Pat: 'beers and retts and beers and retts and beers and retts and beers'

Niall: 'retts and beers and beers and retts'

In this exchange, both parties will proceed to acquire a pint of larger and then smoke a cigarette.

pat: 'beers and retts?'

Niall: 'No good sir, i suffer from lung cancer.'

in this exchange, only one party will proceed to smoke and drink at the same time.
by kingrett December 21, 2010
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