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1. noun - A fine that a whitewater rafting guide has to pay to his or her fellow raft guides if they have swimmers or carnage. Actual fines vary from company to company, but the fee schedule usually looks something like this:
1 swimmer: six pack
guide swims: case
guide misses the take-out: case
boat flips: six pack per swimmer, a case for the guide swimming, and a case for flipping a boat (can result in over 3 cases worth of beer fines)

2. noun - A fine that a ski patroller has to pay to his fellow patrollers for making a mistake while working. It's usually a 12 pack. Again, the fee schedule may vary from mountain to mountain, but its usually charged for something like missing a bump on a sweep, or accidentally swearing over the radio.
1. "Stuart owes a beer fine for flipping with 4 customers, that's 3 cases."

2. Joe Ski Patroller on radio: "Dispatch, this is a clusterfuck out here--er, i mean, this is a 10-23."
Dispatch: "Dispatch copies your beer fine, and your 10-23."
by JimmyJoeBob1 April 17, 2009
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