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A beer drinking game in which two teams (of one or two) sit at opposite ends of a table with their cups of beer in front of them, tossing a die. The object is to bounce it off the table so the other team doesn't catch it, or "sink" it into the opponents cup. Also known as Beer Guy.
I like beer die. I want to play beer die. I got fucked up playing beer die.
by Joel TK June 04, 2005
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A drinking game, invented at Colby College, where two teams sit at either end of a table and throw a die back and forth. The object is to bounce the die off the end of the table, or to land it in an opponents cup. Its a much more casual alternative to beirut. The game goes to 7, and you must win by 2. Also, the numbers 5 and 7 are called bizz and buzz during the game, and any violation of this rule results in drinking.
Hey, I'll come over in bizz minutes and we'll play some beer die.
by CBCMules October 24, 2009
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An alternative to beer pong and beirut growing in popularity. Frequently played by hipsters and non-varsity sports teams.

Not uncommon rules:

1. The first "sink" a player scores on that particular table requires a naked run by that player and his/her teammate.

5. Upon losing 5-0, the losing team must go on a naked run.
"Did you see that guy's dong?" "Yea, the ultimate team's playing afternoon beer die."

"Yo, I intentionally missed every shot in beer die so I could see my teammate's tits."
by MM. . . Food June 13, 2009
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A game, invented at Lake Forest College, with the objective of throwing a die at the edge of the table in which the players at the other end fail to catch the die before it hits the ground. Two players sit at each end of the table. Eacg player has a cup of beer at the corner of each table and drink each time a player of the other team scores a point (the other team doesn't catch the die). If a player gets the die into another players cup, the opposing player drinks the entire cup.
We got fucked up playing beer die last night.
by Derek A. September 14, 2007
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Combination of hipster, foodie and craft beer "enthusiast" who typically has a beard and knows more about obscure beers than you ever will. Also criticizes your choice in alcoholic beverage for reason only know to their beard.
Joe: Man, I really like Blue Moon. Nicholas: Blue Moon is owned by a mega beer corporation and is made of pure junk ingredients. You can't pair it with any decent foods. It shouldn't even count as a real beer. You need to try Anchor Steam instead. I can't believe people actually drink that crap. (strokes beard) Joe: Nick, quit being such a fucking beerdie and go shave your face pubes.
by joekv July 23, 2013
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