For those of you who think that these two great games are the same you are wrong. There is a very distinct difference in the way the two drinking games are played. Both are played with 10 cups and a varying sized table usually a ping pong table.

Beer Pong Rules- Players shoot the ball into opposite cups. First team to make all their cups wins and other team drinks all remaining beer.

Beirut Rules- Same as beer pong only with add-ons. If a player bounces the ball and makes the cup the other team drinks 2 cups. If a player calls solo cup and drains it the other team takes 2 cups away. If a player hits 3 in a row they get on-fire and get to shoot again. If both players on a team make their shots they get to shoot again. And if a ball rolls back to your side after shooting you get a shot to make it again only behind your back.

The difference between the 2 sports are added rules to Beirut.

Materials for both games:
22 solo cups (10 on each side in triangle filled with 2-3 beers) and 2 water cups
2 ping pong balls
table about the size of ping pong table
beer of your choice
people ready to get hammered
My knowledge of the beer pong vs. beirut confusion comes from years of playing around the country. There are many myths of the difference of the two games. This is the answer you've been looking for.
by illini1 July 16, 2008
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