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A person, not necessarily of the Jewish faith, who never buys or throws down money for alcohol, but ends up drinking it anyway.
Harry-"Yo Jewson, you throwing down any money for booze?"

Jewson- "Naw man"

Harry- "dont drink it then beer jew"
by GTharry October 07, 2009
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Someone who goes around looking for the cheapest beer no matter how shitty it taste. They generally brag about how they found a place that sells beers on tap for 75 cents in some hick town with a population of 9.

They refuse to share beers usually stating, "Im dont wanna sick dude!" An also dont wanna even set foot in a bar until happy hour.

They also get frustrated when you or a homie buys a nice type of beer or god forbid, a cocktail.
Example 1

Brando: "Yeah can I get a newcastle please"

Oscar: "DUDE! Dont get that. get a highlife. thier on happy hour an its a buck! cant beat that!"

Example 2

Garrett: "Hey man, last night I was at this place that sells microbrews on tap, ok, MICROBREWS! 55 CENTS! I go sooo drunk an my bill was like 11 bucks. HAHAHAAHA"

Phil: "Dont be such a beer jew, that shit was probably just water with rubbing alcohol."
by llegoz October 16, 2009
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