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You ever had a dream and where you feel like we're falling? That is what I call a bedfall. Just imagine you are in a deep sleep having a sweet dream. In the middle of your dream, you fall off a cliff. At this moment you fell your body falling to the ground. You wake up in shock and ah just to realize that you are still in your bed and your great dream was just ruined. Now image if you have a nightmare. Image you having a nightmare, you running from Jason from the very famous American horror film Friday the 13th! As you are making your great escape, the floor breaks and you fall through. As this is happening, you fell your heart sink deep into your chest, and the next thing you know your bed feels like you are in the air falling to the ground. You wake up you in the bed perfectly safe and sound. You, my friend just had a bedfall!
Whats wrong? Nothing I just had a simple bedfall!
by King F_A_M_E May 04, 2018
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