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Brother of Paddington Bear, Beddingtons life got off to a bad start as his brother was appreciated more than he.

Beddington has long black hair with pink roots and unfortunately suffers from hairloss, often when he is insulted or upsetugh which he introduces himself.

Beddington is in a band called "Beddington's Band". (Backing musicians include Jimi Hendrix, Freddie Mercury, and Kurt Cobain). Hits include "I am Beddy","Beddington is me" and "I am Beddington".

Beddington smashed a tv shop window after seeing his brother on the screen in the window. He was tried and released on special measures. Beddington then left Paddington on Paddington Station.

He has a friend, calld kloot.
by emily scarrott July 14, 2006
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