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1. taken from the root words "pa" and "jamas". "Pa" meaning, "bed" in ancient Greek, and "jamas" meaning, "pants" in a rare form Jonulesque Latin. Can also be interpreted as "tronpants".

2. What Coop Cooper wears in BASEketball while attending Britney Kaiser's party.
See also Docker's Commercial.

3. Term which is frequently fought over by scholars. Some think they are pants you sleep in, while others adhere to the position that bed pants are undefinable, and therefore non-existant. Well now those people are wrong, because it's defined, bitchezzzz. See also Sarah and Jon's Intergalactic Pant Battle

4. Some people like their cucumbers pickled.
"Sarah, im telling you, they're called bed pants."
"Jon, you're wrong, they're pajama pants."
"Baby i love you."
"Agreed, you awesome dood, you."

"Dood, this place looks like a docker's commercial."

"Jon, you're wrong."
"Yes, Sarah."

"Some people like their cucumbers pickled."
by Tronbot311 September 24, 2006
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