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Spanish for baby cj, it is a person who quotes the shit out of every movie you see with them but also likes to speak spanish poorly at random times. This can be extremely entertaining or make you want to shove a ninja star down your throat depending on how well they can impersonate the actors and how much patience you have. The reason they are a baby is because they are ridiculously skinny and can eat whatever the hell they want without gaining weight.

Weird quirks: love hot carls, does a pennsylvania pinecone at least once a day and tend to be best friends with virgin whores (I wonder why...)
Maggie: hey what did he just say?
Kate: oh he was just being a bebe se jota
Maggie: oh i know but what did he say?
Kate: i think he said "Edith, what is that you just put on my desk? A cow pie. oh you girls are never gonna get adopted"
Maggie: ohhhh that's from despicable me!
Kate: who the hell knows what movie he's quoting anymore?
by Sir Freddington March 29, 2011
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